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This is TACCE Yayasan Pejeng Shakti. Tjok Agung Conservation and Cultural Education is  located in Pejeng, Ubud, Bali Island. For some people TACCE may look like a huge school. We believe this is a fun complex retreat for children and invented by children, and developed by children.

TACCE is based on local wisdom which has rich ancient moral value in all spheres. We believe by learning morality and knowledge, and collaborate it with any world wisdom, we will gradually bring back our wisdom and dignity for future self development.

Our responsibilities are to bring back all the joys of fun learning. We are making sure the learning method is acceptable for all children in the world. By learning and practicing spiritual morality, science, organic farming, local arts, martial arts, musics, and so on, children will mature in inner self, social awareness, and social perspective. They may even able to transform their parents and their social surroundings.


Home School TACCE

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